Your children will learn about money from someone. You have the opportunity to be the positive example in their lives and the guiding voice they can trust.

New research released by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia confirms frequent money talks help raise financially savvy kids.  Four distinct money-parent personalities emerged from the FPA research, based on the frequency and comfort level parents have in talking about money with their children.  SOURCE

For some parents talking about money comes with great ease whereas to others they are far less comfortable talking to their children about money.  There are some parents who more frequently initiate conversations with their children about money, while some put off money talk altogether.

Below are the four different parent money personalities.


The relaxed parent is very comfortable talking to their kids about money.  Whilst these parents are comfortable talking about money they don’t do so very often.  These parents are more likely to be older parents.  They will also have the lowest levels of financial stress and regret in their household.

The relaxed parent will have the least reluctance in speaking to their children about money.  They are also the most transparent with their money.  Whilst this parent personality may seem like the way to go, there are some downsides.    The relaxed nature about money may mean these children miss out on opportunities to learn about money.  They may be left to explore money matters on their own as they grow older.


This money personality will find talking about money quite easy.   These parents will have frequent conversations with their children about money.  Their openness and willingness to have these conversations will lead to preparedness for financial future.  The engaged parent will generally have a larger family, and a higher household income. Out of all the money personalities the engaged parent is the most likely to seek the advice of a financial planner.   They are most likely to use money to encourage good behaviour in their children and are usually generous with pocket money.


The avoider personality, as the name suggests, are the least comfortable talking to their kids about money.  They are also the least transparent with their children.  This personality will likely say that their children are too young to have discussions regarding money.    In regards to pocket money these parents are also the ones to give their children the least pocket money.  Due to the avoidance of discussing money the children of these parents tend to be the least interested in learning about money than the children of the other three money parent personalities.


The trooper parent whilst not always comfortable with money talk will still have frequent conversations.  This parent tends to feel uncertain or awkward when having a discussion with their children about money.  Their feeling of concern regarding money talks is genuine.  They have concerns their children will worry about money if they talk about it with them.  The trooper parent also worries that their children won’t be financially successful in the future.  Their diligence in speaking to their children has payoffs. Their teenage children are more likely to have a job than the average child.

Empowering parents and children

Overcoming the reluctance to talk about money is the first step on the road to helping your children form a healthy relationship with money.  By having meaningful conversations about money empowers you and your kids.  As your children grow, and their responsibilities, priorities and relationship with money change, conversations about money will evolve.

A quiz is available on  for parents to find “Which Money-Parent Personality” they may be.

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