I was talking with a new client yesterday – he admitted to me in the start that he was hesitant to engage a Financial Adviser, because although he knew he needed some help – he really didn’t understand what to expect and how to know which areas of his finance he needed to focus on.

I recently read an article that stated: “only 15% of Australian’s seek advice from a financial adviser and the majority of these people are in the 55-64 bracket or approaching retirement”.

An interesting statistic from this article followed shortly after:

Of the percentage of Australians who used a financial adviser “89% of these people believed that professional advice was extremely valuable”.  Source

So, what is a Financial Adviser (also known as a Financial Planner)?

They are a professional who can help you to understand your finances, pinpoint opportunities, and make decisions for your money based on your unique situation, stage of life and goals. They can help you have your money work harder for you, as opposed to working harder for your money – and to reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Here are 3 ways a Financial Adviser can help you:

Step 1 | They take a look at the whole picture.

At times it can be hard to step back and see the full picture.  A good Financial Adviser will firstly get a good idea of your current position, gather personal data and ask lots of questions.  In contrast, a salesperson selling a product or particular investment shouldn’t be confused with a Financial Adviser – the difference being a Financial Adviser is looking at your situation first, then working with you to develop a plan or strategy.

Step 2 | They help you to see your goals

Financial Advisers have developed tools to help you see your goals, you might think you already know them but by doing an assessment with a Financial Adviser – they may change, grow or you may decide what you were working towards was only suitable for the short term. A good Financial Adviser will give you advice as to what you need to do differently, how you need to do it and what to do if your situation changes.

Step 3 | They know all the best inside information

Sometimes, you just don’t know what you don’t know. A professional Financial Adviser knows all the most up to date information – the ins and outs of different approaches across the spectrum of superannuation, savings, loans and investments.

A good Financial Adviser won’t make recommendations for you until they understand your goals and have considered the long-term plan for you. They help you set a strategy which is sometimes just too hard to do on your own.

Thinking about meeting with a Financial Adviser? ASIC’s Money Smart site has some great tips to get you started and what you should do to prepare to select a Financial Adviser: https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/investing/financial-advice/meeting-with-a-financial-adviser

I am a Brisbane based financial adviser with clients in Ashgrove, The Gap, Kenmore and Chapel Hill.  I help professionals make informed decisions and take back financial control.   These are just some of the examples of tips I like to share with my clients to help them gain control over their finances and to prepare for planning for their future.  By following these tips, like my clients you’ll be able to ensure that when you engage a financial adviser they will be able to help you with what you need.  I can also help you implement the appropriate tips for you. 

I offer a 30-minute financial review session. In this session, I can review your current financial situation. I can see if I can help you achieve your financial goals and the best (and quickest) way to do so.  You can contact our office on 07 3102 4948 or book a time that suits you via the link below. 

If you would care to share your experience with me, please comment below!